Youth Mattix

Mini Mattix (Ages3-6)

Our Mini Mattix program is designed to prepare children at a young age to become model martial art students! Through the teachings of self-defense techniques and fun activities, your child will learn important skills such as listening, paying attention, responding to commands, following directions and being part of a team!

Mega Mattix (6-15)

Kids Jiu Jitsu

In our Mega Mattix program we start to introduce the young students to fundamental Jiu Jitsu techniques and concepts. We focus on technique that the child could perform at a satisfactory level. Our mission is bully-prevention and we believe that thorugh Jiu Jitsu we can help our students build a healthy character development. They will acquire values such as confidence, respect, patience, and other strong attributes that will allow our students to become impactful members of our community.

Youth Schedule

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